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Model CP2632


Model CP2332


Model CP2317

Heavy Duty Series


Elevated operator platform (17" or 32" standard, other heights available)

Designed to fit through doors and walkways

Oversized solid rubber tires to handle tougher terrain

Engineered to distribute weight and prevent tipping

Simple, intuitive controls for smooth, one-handed driving

Auto-engaging electromagnetic braking system for sure stopping

Overnight charging provides a full day's operation in most settings

Convenient utility deck for tools, totes, or other items*

Manual brake release for freewheel movement when powered down

Multiple height and width configurations available

Heavy Duty Series Video

Additional Documents

Operator Manual

Printable Info Sheet


Unit weight: 300 lbs.

Weight capacity: 300 lbs.

Max speed: 4 mph

Max incline: 6 degrees

Turning radius: 50 inches

Ground clearance: 4 inches

Tires: solid rubber (front 10" x 3", rear 14" x 3")

Motors: dual direct drive (rear wheels)

Brakes: auto-engaging electromagnetic

Batteries: 24v system (two 12v batteries)

Charger: 5 amp off board

*Utility deck: N/A on Model CP2317/CP2617

Dimensions (additional platform height options available)

CP2317: standing platform 17"H, overall 48"L x 23"W x 59"H

CP2332: standing platform 32"H, overall 48"L x 23"W x 74"H

CP2617: standing platform 17"H, overall 48"L x 26"W x 59"H

CP2632: standing platform 32"H, overall 48"L x 26"W x 74"H

Slide - HD controller
Slide - HD rear wheel
Slide - HD brake release
Slide - HD front wheels

Our electric service carts are a great alternative to using step ladders and drywall stilts!

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