Say hello to a safer, more productive way to reach those elevated work areas. It began as the original Poultry Cruiser, designed to be driven through narrow walkways in high-rise chicken houses. Since 2012, our expanding line of drivable ladder carts has proven in countless applications to be a superior alternative to step ladders, drywall stilts, and climbing on equipment, racking or cages. From agricultural facilities to greenhouses, garden centers, factories and warehouses, these unique electric service carts provide easier access to hard-to-reach areas, keeping personnel safer, more mobile, and more productive.
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Replacing ladders in facilities everywhere.

Compact Series

Cruiser Products / Poultry Cruiser Compact Series / drivable ladder cart, chicken cart

Narrow wheel base, minimal footprint

Intuitive handlebar steering

Ideal for concrete floors and metal grating

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Heavy Duty Series

Cruiser Products / Poultry Cruiser Heavy Duty Series HD / drivable ladder cart, chicken cart

Larger operator platform with railing

Simple, intuitive controls

Designed to handle tougher terrain

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Scissor Series

Cruiser Products / Poultry Cruiser XL Scissor Lift Series / drivable ladder cart, chicken cart

Variable-height operator platform

Simple, intuitive controls

Designed for maximum versatility

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Industries We Serve





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Vertical grow operations

Nursery facilities

Retail garden centers

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Distribution centers

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Electrical / wiring

Mechanical systems

Painting and more

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